Hello while trying to build propellor on jessie, I got this error message

picca@irdrx1:~/.propellor$ propellor
Preprocessing executable 'propellor-config' for propellor-4.9.0...
[105 of 120] Compiling Propellor.Property.PropellorRepo ( src/Propellor/Property/PropellorRepo.hs, dist/build/propellor-config/propellor-config-tmp/Propellor/Property/PropellorRepo.o )

No instance for (Typeable OriginUrl) arising from a use of `toInfo'
Possible fix: add an instance declaration for (Typeable OriginUrl)
In the second argument of `setInfoProperty', namely
  `(toInfo (InfoVal (OriginUrl u)))'
In the expression:
  setInfoProperty p (toInfo (InfoVal (OriginUrl u)))
In an equation for `hasOriginUrl':
    hasOriginUrl u
      = setInfoProperty p (toInfo (InfoVal (OriginUrl u)))
          p :: Property UnixLike
          p = property ("propellor repo url " ++ u)
              $ do { curru <- liftIO getRepoUrl;
                     .... }

Resolving dependencies...