propellor 5.1.0 released with these changes

  • [ Sean Whitton ]
    • File.isSymlinkedTo now revertable. (minor API change)
    • Sbuild module changes:
      • Type of Sbuild.built changed to accept additional properties to be ensured inside schroots. (API change) See the suggested usage in module's documentation for new syntax.
      • Drop Sbuild.installed, Sbuild.builtFor, Sbuild.updated, Sbuild.updatedFor. (API change) Use Sbuild.built instead. See suggested usage in module's documentation.
      • Propellor no longer sets up apt proxies in sbuild chroots automatically. Instead, pass the new Sbuild.useHostProxy to Sbuild.built to have Propellor propagate the host's Apt proxy configuration into the chroot. See suggested usage in module's documentation.
      • Internally, Propellor no longer invokes sbuild-createchroot(1) to build schroots.
      • Update documentation.