propellor 5.5.0 released with these changes

  • letsencrypt': Pass --expand to support expanding the list of domains
  • Split mailname property out of Hostname.sane, since bad mailname guesses can lead to ugly surprises. (API change)
  • Removed HostingProvider.CloudatCost module as it lacks a maintainer. (If anyone would like to maintain it, send a patch adding it back.) (API change)
  • Added Systemd.escapePath helper function useful when creating mount units.
  • Added Sudo.sudoersDFile property.
  • Sudo.enabledFor: Write to /etc/sudoers.d/000users rather than to /etc/sudoers. (Any old lines it wrote to /etc/sudoers will be removed.) This fixes a potential ordering problem; the property used to append the line to /etc/sudoers, but that would override more specific lines in the include directory.
  • Borg: Added UsesEnvVar.
  • Added DiskImage.noBootloader, useful for eg, direct booting with qemu. Thanks, David Bremner.
  • Added Apt.backportInstalledMin.