propellor 5.6.0 released with these changes

  • withOS had a type level bug that allowed ensureProperty to be used inside it with a Property that does not match the type of the withOS itself. (API change) The fix may cause some of your valid uses of withOS to no longer type check; the best way to work around that is to use pickOS to pick between several properties that are further specialized using withOS. For an example of how to do that, see the source code to Propellor.Property.Borg.installed
  • Propellor.Property.Cron.runPropellor is a Property DebianLike; it was incorrectly a Property UnixLike before and that wrong type was hidden by the withOS bug.
  • Some openbsd portability fixes. Thanks, rsiddharth.
  • Added Libvirt module. Thanks, Sean Whitton.
  • When bootstrapping on Debian, libghc-stm-dev may not be available, as it's become part of ghc, so check before trying to install it.
  • Fix build with ghc 8.6.3.
  • Avoid exposing the constructor of OuterMetaTypesWitness, to avoid the kind of mistake that led to the withOS bug.
  • Merged Utility changes from git-annex.
  • Fix --spin crash when ~/.ssh/ directory did not already exist.