In my institut, I want to manage a few of my computers with propellor (the cluster will come ;) So I would like to add a MAILTO to cron.

The best would be to configure exim4 to redirect all root email to my personnal mbox but for now I just want to do it for cron

So I created a property for this.

-- redirect all root email to an email redirectCronEmail :: String -> Property NoInfo redirectCronEmail email = "/etc/default/cron" File.containsLine ("MAILTO=" ++ email) requires Apt.serviceInstalledRunning "cron" onChange Service.restarted "cron"

Would you be so kind to add an equivalent into Cron. (PS I do not know if my property is properly written)

something like

Cron.mailTO "toto@titi.org"

or maybe this is not the right way to solve my problem.