Propellor is a configuration management system using Haskell and Git. Each system has a list of properties, which Propellor ensures are satisfied.

Propellor is configured via a git repository, which typically lives in ~/.propellor/ on your development machine. Propellor clones the repository to each host it manages, in a secure way. The git repository contains the full source code to Propellor, along with its config file.

Properties are defined using Haskell. Edit ~/.propellor/config.hs to get started. There is fairly complete API documentation, which includes many built-in Properties for dealing with Apt and Apache , Cron and Commands , Dns and Docker, etc.

There is no special language as used in puppet, chef, ansible, etc.. just the full power of Haskell. Hopefully that power can be put to good use in making declarative properties that are powerful, nicely idempotent, and easy to adapt to a system's special needs!

If using Haskell to configure Propellor seems intimidating, see configuration for the Haskell newbie.

quick start

  1. Get propellor installed cabal install propellor or apt-get install propellor
  2. Run propellor for the first time. It will set up a ~/.propellor/ git repository for you.
  3. If you don't have a gpg private key already, generate one: gpg --gen-key
  4. Run: propellor --add-key $KEYID, which will make propellor trust your gpg key, and will sign your ~/.propellor repository using it.
  5. Push the git repository to a central server (github or your own): cd ~/.propellor/; git remote add origin ssh://; git push -u origin master
  6. Edit ~/.propellor/config.hs, and add a host you want to manage. You can start by not adding any properties, or only a few.
  7. Pick a host and run: propellor --spin $HOST
  8. Now you have a simple propellor deployment, but it doesn't do much to the host yet, besides installing propellor.

    So, edit ~/.propellor/config.hs to configure the host (maybe start with a few simple properties), and re-run step 7. Repeat until happy and move on to the next host. :)

  9. To move beyond manually running propellor --spin against hosts when you change their properties, add a property to your hosts like: Cron.runPropellor "30 * * * *"

    Now they'll automatically update every 30 minutes, and you can git commit -S and git push changes that affect any number of hosts.

  10. Write some neat new properties and send patches!


Set PROPELLOR_DEBUG=1 to make propellor print out all the commands it runs and any other debug messages that Properties choose to emit.


Hope you find Propellor fun and useful!

                      --     _         ______`|                          ,-.__ 
 {- Propellor          --  /   \___-=O`/|O`/__|                         (____.'
    Deployed -}         -- \          / | /    )             _.-"-._
                        --  `/-==__ _/__|/__=-|             (       \_
hosts :: [Host]        --   *             \ | |              '--------'
hosts =               --                  (o)  `

Propellor is free software, licensed under the BSD license.

You are encouraged to send patches and improve it. See contributing.


version 0.9.1
Posted Fri Oct 24 15:51:59 2014
version 0.9.0
Posted Fri Oct 10 18:33:05 2014
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version 0.8.3
Posted Fri Aug 22 17:04:11 2014