propellor 5.14 released with these changes

  • Removed Propellor.Property.OpenID module, since the simpleid package got removed from Debian.
  • Renamed Linode.mlocateEnabled to Linode.locateEnabled, and made it also make sure plocate is enabled, if it's installed rather than mlocate. (API change)
  • Debootstrap.built: Stop using the deprecated qemu-debootstrap for bootstrapping foreign architectures. It is not needed since qemu 2.12, which, at least on Debian, enabled the binfmt-support --fix-binary option.
  • Qemu.removeHostEmulationBinary: Removed this property, which is no longer necessary since qemu-debootstrap is not used. (API change)
  • Flashkernel.installed: Deal with a behavior change in flash-kernel, which will fail to install if is not configured first.
  • Systemd.resolvConfed is no longer enabled by default in systemd containers. It is probably not necessary on current systems the way it was back in 2014, and this avoids a problem where the host's /etc/resolv.conf gets overwritten when systemd is managing the container's /etc/resolv.conf.
  • Borg: To support borg 1.2, run borg compact to free up space after pruning.
  • Add lower bounds on async and split. Thanks, Simon Jakobi
  • propellor.cabal: Deduplicate exposed modules, which fixes a build problem with recent cabal versions. Thanks, Simon Jakobi