Running "sudo ./propellor" is documented as a way to provision the local host. However, properties involving chroots and docker hard code localdir, so run /usr/local/propellor/propellor inside the chroot. When running propellor this way, that may not exist, or may be from some other propellor configuration and not know how to privision the chroot correctly.

Should this stuff look at the path to the propellor executable that's really being run and use it? There's also the shimdir, which is under /usr/local/propellor and gets bind mounted into the chroot, so using something close to the executable run by "sudo ./propellor" may be surprising. And, exposeTrueLocaldir also uses the localdir.

It may make more sense to detect when propellor is run this way and refuse to provision chroots. Or to eliminate this little-used way of running propellor entirely.. --Joey