I have module that I'm trying to write, which is always failing to build when ever I add a second (or more) cmdProperty to it.

I've tried a variety of ways to write the module but clearly my limited Haskell skills are causing me to reach the barrier of ignorance which I'm failing to penetrate.

The module is Pebble.hs and can be found here:


I'm hoping to shape that up into an upstream contribution, at some point :-)

I've tried quite a few variations of:

sdk :: Property UnixLike|DebianLike -- (with and without HasInfo)
sdk = propertyList|combineProperties ("Pebble SDK") $ props

I've compared it over and over again to examples in JoeySites and my own working modules ie:


As I uncomment an additional cmdProperty, the build of Pebble.hs fails.

At a loss, cluebat blows greatly appreciated.

Most recent build output is here https://git.mcwhirter.io/snippets/5 with Line 95 being the point of interest, I think.