I wanted to start using propellor in the most simple way and the requirement to have a GPG key, signed commits, propellor updating itself, and so on was way too much to start with.

So I wrote this Haskell file:

module Main where

import           Propellor
import           Propellor.Engine
import qualified Propellor.Property.Apt as Apt

main :: IO ()
main = mainProperties myHost

myHost :: Host
myHost = host "local" $ props
  & Apt.installed [
    , "git"
    , "rsync"
    , "tmux"
    , "tree"
    , "unattended-upgrades"
    , "zsh"

And then used the Debian package entr to scp the executable to a test server and have it executed there:

echo mytest-exe | entr scp /_ mytesthost:

and on the test host:

echo mytest-exe | entr sudo ./mytest-exe

Maybe somebody finds this useful as a starting point to learn propellor.