I'm trying to spin up a new host to replace an old one, and I'm getting these weird failures on some Systemd.nspawned properties:

mount: mount point /var/lib/container/nginx-primary/proc does not exist ** warning: user error (chroot ["/var/lib/container/nginx-primary","/usr/local/propellor/chroot/_var_lib_container_nginx-primary.shim/propellor","--continue","ChrootChain \"onyx.fusionapp.com\" \"/var/lib/container/nginx-primary\" True True"] exited 127) onyx.fusionapp.com nspawned nginx-primary ... failed chroot: failed to run command â/usr/local/propellor/chroot/_var_lib_container_nginx-primary.shim/propellorâ: No such file or directory onyx.fusionapp.com nspawned apache-svn ... failed onyx.fusionapp.com nspawned mail-relay ... failed

There's some weird race condition since sometimes the message about .../proc does not exist shows up, and sometimes I get "failed" with no other error output. On further investigation, it turns out that debootstrap is not installed on the remote system. Inserting an Apt.installed ["debootstrap"] before the nspawned properties seems to have fixed it; but looking at the code, I don't fully understand why it isn't being installed by Debootstrap.built.