It would be useful to have a property to set key value pairs in /etc/default configs. The code is in Grub.configured. I have not written a patch yet because I am not sure what the module should be called. Possibilities are:

& EtcDefault.set "anacron" "ANACRON_RUN_ON_BATTERY_POWER" "no"

or maybe

& ConfFile.hasShellSetting "/etc/default/anacron" ("ANACRON_RUN_ON_BATTERY_POWER", "no")

Or possibly both of these, with the former implemented in terms of the latter.


  • The use of a tuple for the last two parameters ensures that the property can be used infix.

  • I think this property should deduplicate the config key after setting it. I.e. after uncommenting and modifying ANACRON_RUN_ON_BATTERY_POWER it should remove any further ANACRON_RUN_ON_BATTERY_POWER settings further down the config. This allows a seamless transition from just using File.containsLine to add to the end of the file.