I'd like to patch the /usr/bin/propellor wrapper to check for two environment variables. I'm posting my proposal here to see whether Joey would be willing to merge such a patch before starting to write it.


  • if the branch currently checked out in the ~/.propellor repository does not match PROPELLOR_SPIN_BRANCH, Propellor would refuse to spin

  • if the PROPELLOR_DIRTY_NOSPIN variable is set, Propellor would refuse to spin if the ~/.propellor repository contains uncommitted changes


PROPELLOR_SPIN_BRANCH is to prevent foot-shooting. When working on a feature branch one might forget to check out one's usual config branch before spinning. If the host that is spun is configured with Cron.runPropellor, it will be set to pull from the feature branch. If the user doesn't realise that this has happened, they might make further commits to their usual config branch and expect them to have propagated to the host by means of its Cron.runPropellor cronjob, but they won't reach the host until the next manual spin from the correct branch. Of course there are other possible foot-shootings available in this area that this environment variable would prevent.

PROPELLOR_DIRTY_NOSPIN is to prevent configuration changes ending up in commits made with the undescriptive commit message "propellor spin". I understand that it doesn't bother Joey, but I want all configuration changes to be recorded with a descriptive commit message because it makes using git revert and git cherry-pick easier. So for users like me this environment variable is a useful check.


nice work! merged --Joey